German Automotive Service and Repair, Diagnostic and High-Performance Experts


Repair, diagnostics and overhaul of engine

Service of drive line and transmission

Service of ABS system and full brake system

Tuning of engine for a high performance

Pull codes from service lights and check the engine

Service and repair of A/C system

Suspension/alignment, brake and exhaust systems

Scheduled Services (30K/60K/90K/120K Mi)

Tint and clear bra service


Konig Motorsport

Welcome to an affordable, reliable and a perfect alternative to the service department of your car dealer. Konig Motorsport is a renowned name in the industry of car repair and servicing, where only experienced and professional staff takes over the job of removing all the faults in your car. We are a service specialist and an auto repair group located in the North San Diego County, serving all our clients with skilled services. We are a member of the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair), which is a proof of the reliability and credibility of our services.

Konig Motorsport Offers Specialized Service and Repair Services for German and Exotic European Vehicles

Do you own a German or Exotic European car? If yes, then you might be in love with your car and wish that it lasts for a long time. You will need to get it serviced and repaired to keep your vehicle healthy. These perfect examples of automobile engineering are long lasting, but are still in need of reliable repair and service to remain at top notch performance. Konig Motorsport provides a one-stop solution for all the repair and servicing needs of your German or Exotic European vehicle.


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Understanding the differences in each vehicle’s design and maintenance schedule, the mechanics at Konig Motorsport provide dealership quality services for brands including:

These high performance vehicles require precise service and top-notch quality and our mechanics’ understand what it takes to maximize your car’s performance both on the open roads and on tracks. Providing Superior Services Our high quality European automotive services include:

Our certified and experienced mechanics will always work to find a solution to any performance issue along with following your vehicle’s optimum maintenance schedule



All our services are affordable and are meant to help our clients take proper care of their car and all its needs without having to empty their wallets. However, more affordability is added to our service with several offers provided by us to our esteemed customers and new customers as well.

Offer for new customers : All our new customers are entitled to a 15% discount over the charges of their first repair visit. While, this offer covers only first repair visit and not the service visit.

Offer for club members : For the members of PCA (Porsche Club of America) San Diego, we offer a free troubleshooting of their vehicle along with a free repair advice. Along with this, we also have an offer for the members of BMW CCA (Car Club of America), who get a free check up with our factory-level OBD scanners worth the value of $100.

Thus, you can get an affordable repair service for your Exotic European or a German automobile with an assurance of the best tune up in the market from Konig Motorsport.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Drivers almost always treat European-made luxury cars as an investment more than a daily commuter. Service appointments and recommended maintenance guidelines become strict rules to adhere to so your car stays as comfortable as it is on day one while also performing to the high standard the manufacturers have set for years. At Koning Motorsport we take care of the most popular European luxury brands with full maintenance and repair services available.


Located in Oceanside, CA please call Konig Motorsport today. We are the area’s number one alternative to dealerships for European automotive services and repairs with fair pricing and quality service that lasts.

Call us today for any information regarding services for your vehicle or to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repairs.