Why Your Bentley Requires Air Strut Repairs

by konigmotorwpuser September 18, 2018

Air struts are a particular form of suspension in luxury cars that provide the smoothest ride experience in your vehicle. As air escapes naturally from them over time, compressors refill them to keep your driving at an optimum level. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how sleek and advanced your car looks on the outside if it still feels like you are riding in a horse and buggy. Air struts are the difference between a modern-day marvel and a fancy antique vehicle. Do you know how to be sure they are working in peak condition?

How Do They Get Damaged?

As your suspension gets tested by bumps and general driving, the air naturally escapes from your air struts. The compressors kick in to compensate for the missing air by refilling your struts. If your air struts become punctured or otherwise spring a leak, however, the compressors will not be able to keep up for the air loss and will overheat themselves. The longer this goes on, the more extensive the damage will be to your struts and compressors.

Over time, the rubber parts in your air struts deteriorate, leading to air leaks, and eventually overworked air compressors. Because suspension wear is unique to individual vehicles and their drivers, there is no reasonable estimate on how long your struts should last. Some may last 100,000 miles, but some may wear out much quicker.

Another more subtle problem that can develop in your air strut system is if it accumulates too much moisture. There are air dryers that keep moisture out of your air strut system, but if they begin to fail, the moisture buildup can slowly ruin your air struts.

How Can You Tell If Your Air Struts Require Repair?

There are 3 primary indicators on your Bentley that tell you that your air struts require service.

  • The first is that your vehicle is riding lower than usual, and sometimes just on one side or another. This sagging is an indicator that the compressor is no longer able to keep up with the air leaking from the reservoir on that side. It may not be immediately noticeable from inside the driver’s seat, but it should be noticeable if you look at the car from the front and back.
  • The second sign of air strut trouble is that you will hear loud or unusual noises when the compressor is running. These may be loud clicking noises, whines, or grinding sounds. These sounds indicate a problem with the compressor’s motor and/or fan. If these sounds continue, the compressor will fail, and the suspension will be disabled.
  • The final sign, usually following the first two signs, is that the compressor will stop running altogether. Most air suspension systems are self-regulated, so you may not be used to turning them on yourself, but you should be familiar with the sound of it running and slightly raising your vehicle off the ground. When it fails to do this at all, and your vehicle continues to sink, you can be sure you have a failed air compressor.

It is imperative that you get your vehicle to a certified Bentley auto technician as soon as you notice any of these signs. Early intervention may save you valuable time and money on repairs and replacement parts for your air struts. The longer you wait to visit your certified Bentley technician, the more damage your struts will take, and a loss of suspension could lead to additional damages to your vehicle’s wheels, brakes, and other essential systems.

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