Reasons Behind the Reverse Gear Failure in Your Volkswagen

For many decades, Volkswagens were known to be some of the most reliable vehicles on the market. Today, they still fight to remain at the top of the list of the best-engineered cars. With an expanding market for reliability, efficiency, and durability, the automotive business has become quite competitive. However, it’s important to keep in mind that no car is without its faults in engineering and design. Volkswagens, among other types of cars, tend to experience common issues more so than others. For instance, gear-shifting issues in Volkswagens are typical after a certain time frame, and drivers specifically note trouble engaging the reverse gear.

No matter what type of car you drive, gear-shifting issues can be inconvenient and generally concerning for your vehicle’s integrity and performance. While this problem is not unique to Volkswagen cars alone, it’s quite a common issue that certain Volkswagens experience—particularly in older models with higher mileage. The more consistent you are with ongoing care and maintenance, the better your chances of avoiding gear shifting issues; however, it’s important to enlist the help of professionals who can anticipate your Volkswagen’s needs and bypass gear-shifting issues all together by taking necessary precautions in preventive care. In this article we’ll talk about some of the reasons behind the infamous “reverse gear failure” in your Volkswagen.

What’s Involved in the Gear-Shifting Process?

Your Volkswagen’s transmission requires fluid in order to gear shift properly, and when the car must shift gears the transmission fluid flows into the various transmission components to aid in the shift. There are several parts that are involved in your transmission system that over time corrode, wear out, and require replacement. It’s best to follow your vehicle’s designated maintenance plan to avoid such failures. If any part becomes damaged or malfunctions, it can impede on the gear-shifting process including halting gear-shifting all together. The pressurized hydraulic fluid that allows your Volkswagen to appropriately shift gears can run low, especially if there’s a leak somewhere. Staying on top of ongoing maintenance procedures can keep your transmission shifting gears smoothly for the life of your car.

Possible Reasons for Reverse Gear Failure

As previously mentioned, your Volkswagen’s transmission is comprised of many different parts and components that all require ongoing care and maintenance. Furthermore, assessing your particular vehicle’s shortcomings and engineering deficits is critical in order to ensure your safety and the longevity of your Volkswagen. Cutting off transmission issues before the reverse gear fails is essential in order to maintain your vehicle’s function. Therefore, it’s important to be able to pay close attention to the common signs of failure.

Low or Compromised Transmission Fluid

As discussed before, low or debris-filled transmission fluid can greatly impede your Volkswagen’s ability to shift gears properly and smoothly. In automatic transmissions especially, it is particularly common for reverse gear failure to be attributed to low or compromised transmission fluid.

Faulty Sensors

Your Volkswagen is equipped with various sensors throughout different systems that collect and transfer information to the vehicle’s computer. The computer then helps dictate the gear-shifting process. When sensors aren’t working correctly, it can cause the car’s computer to lack the necessary information it needs in order to shift gears effectively.

Failing Control Solenoid

The transmission control solenoid is responsible for transferring the hydraulic fluid into the valve body where it allows the reverse gear to become engaged. If the solenoid is damaged or begins to fail, it can cause serious transmission issues, including halting gear-shifting all together.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Volkswagen Specialist

The Volkswagen experts here at König Motorsport are proud to represent drivers in the areas of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and Encinitas, CA. For years we’ve made it our mission to provide quality automotive care for nearby residents so that they can enjoy their luxury imports at a fraction of the cost. Maintenance and repair work can be daunting and expensive—especially if you own a European car. That’s why we tailor our services to meet the needs of the community, including making our expertise affordable for all. If you’re concerned that your Volkswagen is encountering reverse gear issues, please contact us right away to schedule an appointment.

* Volkswagen Golf GTI image credit goes to: supergenijalac.