We specialize in European vehicle service and maintenance.

Living in a beach city like Encinitas offers plenty of benefits like gorgeous views, beautiful beaches within walking distance and numerous small shops and restaurants. Throughout Encinitas you’ll find multiple theaters, the Cardiff Kook statue and the Lux Art Institute among all sorts of other nightlife places to visit. One thing that is often overlooked is the effect that the beach and ocean can have on your cars over the years. Salty ocean air and sand can not only degrade your paint but can also accelerate rust development under the hood on vital systems and components.

If the ocean’s been wreaking havoc on your vehicle then it’s important to call on experts that can help restore and repair your car. For residents throughout Encinitas and surrounding areas that means calling the mechanics at Konig Motorsport.


At Konig Motorsport we specialize in European vehicle service and maintenance including :

We also have the tools and materials needed to perform quality services and repairs for most Exotics makes and models in-house as well.

Services You Can Count On

Our expertly trained and experienced mechanics provide award-winning services for your car such as:

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Protecting Your Paint and More

If you’re in Encinitas or nearby beach towns and would like to protect your car or to schedule services with one of our expert mechanics please call or visit Konig Motorsport today.