You wouldn’t drive your car knowing it has a flat tire or is running low on oil yet every year drivers all across the country continue their daily routines with the check engine light shining bright. The check engine light is one of the biggest headaches your vehicle can give you because there is a multitude of problems that can cause it to stay on. Whether your car warns you with a check engine light or a service engine soon light, you need quality mechanics that work to take care of your car. For the best European engine services drivers throughout Oceanside and surrounding cities trust the experts at Konig Motorsport above all other dealerships and service centers.


For years our state of the art facility has helped service and maintain dozens of the most popular European vehicles including:

Each make and model requires a unique code reader to accurately diagnose the issue causing the check engine light/service engine soon light and our shop always features the newest manufacturer equipment. By using the latest tools and equipment

Paying Attention to the Details

There are numerous reasons your check engine light may be on with a wide range of severities including:

Instead of letting the issue get worse by ignoring it over time bring it in to our shop where our trained and experienced technicians always guarantee your satisfaction.

Servicing Cities Throughout SoCal

Konig Motorsports is located in Oceanside, CA and has proudly serviced cars from all over the surrounding areas including Carlsbad, Encinitas and Vista. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics and to get that check engine/service engine soon light turned off once and for all.

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