Any Californian can tell you that while hot summers may be expected it’s the year-round heat that can wreck havoc on your car’s performance and various systems. Most drivers often take care of their vehicle’s maintenance but one area that should never be ignored is the air conditioning system. It takes year-round service to ensure that when the temperatures rise in the summer months your car’s air conditioning system is up to the task.

The expert mechanics at Konig Motorsport have provided superior maintenance and repair work for drivers throughout Oceanside and the surrounding cities for years.


Specializing in European-made vehicles, our trained and certified technicians have years of experience troubleshooting and repairing all issues that can occur within your vehicle’s air conditioning. We currently offer services for all models of:

Quality Services Guaranteed

While dealerships often only take care of part of the issue leading to repeat visits at Konig Motorsport we don’t return your car to you until we’re certain everything is in working condition. Beginning with a diagnostic inspection we’ll service and repair each component of your air conditioning including:

By keeping everything in-house our technicians will make sure that your vehicle receives a higher quality of service at a more affordable price.

Stay Cool This Summer

Whether you’re dealing with air conditioning repairs or would like to schedule preventative systems maintenance visit Konig Motorsports today. We proudly service cities including:

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