Konig Motorsport is proud to be the leading engine rebuilding and overhauling solution in the Oceanside area. We specialize in air cooled engine rebuilds for early model Porsche vehicles, along with water cooled options like the Mezger flat six, and modern engines found in the GT3 and other 911 model Porsches. Classic European car restorations and engine rebuilding is a passion of ours and we know that you want the most reliable engine in your car while maintaining the authenticity and performance you expect from a race-proven brand like Porsche.

Give us a call today to talk about your engine rebuilding needs, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Our engine rebuilding knowledge covers, but is not limited to:

Engine Rebuilds

We cover everything Porsche has to offer, No matter if you have a classic from the 60’s or a modern GT – We have the tools, knowledge, training, and skills to meet every expectation of your engine rebuild. We also do performance modifications and regular recommended services and are happy to maintain your rebuilt Porsche motor. We don’t just build motors, we are building lasting relationships with our Porsche enthusiasts.

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