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    A high-performance vehicle such as BMW demands high service standards when it comes to even the most basic maintenance items. Known for decades as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” your BMW will thank you with years of durability and comfort if you properly follow the service schedule it needs. At Konig Motorsport we make it simpler
    to not only follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule but we take care of any and all repairs you may need as well.

    We offer the best of both worlds giving you a service and repair center with dealership quality that lets your car reap the benefits of:

    What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

    BMW Service received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 29 reviews on Yelp.

    The Tools To Back It Up

    Helping us deliver the highest quality service possible is the fact that we always make sure to focus on your experience. To help your car get in and out faster our mechanics always use:

    • Latest factory tools and equipment for all jobs
    • Manufacturer diagnostic equipment
    • Manufacturer repair parts and materials

    These may not seem like the most important parts of vehicle maintenance but by keeping your BMW 100% original you will continue to enjoy the same performance levels regardless of the repairs your car needed.

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    Konig Motorsport is located in Oceanside, CA and also services drivers from:

    We believe that owning a BMW shouldn’t be a chore and at Konig Motorsport our staff of expertly trained mechanics will help ensure that each service appointment is quick and smooth. Call us today for appointment information or to speak with a mechanic about our full list of BMW services.

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