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  • Expert Bentley Service And Repair

    At Konig Motorsport in Oceanside, CA we take all of the hassle out of the dealership experience while still delivering quality auto repairs and services. Our expert mechanics have years of experience working with luxury cars and understand the ins and outs of each Bentley’s maintenance plan.

    Caring for your Bentley requires commitment to routine maintenance appointments. Avoiding the routine services can lead to extensive damages and costly visits to the dealerships to find and repair the problems. Going to the Bentley dealership can often have disadvantages including:

    • Overcrowded lobbies and hard to schedule appointments
    • Expensive minor services
    • Extended wait times without your car

    What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

    Bentley Service received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 29 reviews on Yelp.

    Preserving Your Bentley’s Performance

    As you drive your car it’s only natural for small issues and problems to begin to emerge but when you choose Konig Motorsport to help follow your car’s service schedule your car will look and feel as good as new with each visit. We are also the area’s leaders in Bentley repair, correcting and repairing common Bentley issues including:

    Checklist of Bentley Repair & Maintenance Services offered

    In addition to these model specific services we also provide routine maintenance designed to help your car including:

    Don’t Skip Your Service Appointments Any Longer

    Conveniently located in Oceanside, CA, call Konig Motorsport today to make sure your Bentley gets the services it needs without the hassle and inconvenience of a dealership. Please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics for your vehicle.

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